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Window Air Conditioning Units

Self-contained units which are usually mounted through existing windows or perimeter walls. Standard units have unit mounted controls and deluxe models are provided with wireless remote controls. Requires a window opening or perimeter wall space.


Ductless Split Air Conditioning Units

These units are delivered with the evaporator or fan coil unit (section that delivers the cold air) separate from the condenser unit (section that rejects the heat). The evaporators can be wall mounted, ceiling suspended or ceiling recessed. Most units are provided with wireless remote controls. Requires wall or ceiling space, space outdoors for the condenser and electrical wiring.



Ducted Split Air Conditioning Units - Central A.C.

The evaporator and condenser are still separated, however, the cold air is distributed through ductwork and grills. These systems are provided with wall mounted temperature controllers. Requires space for the evaporator and ductwork, usually an attic, and outdoor space for the condenser. High velocity (Unico), high SEER (high efficiency), zoned and variable speed systems are also available.



Indoor Air Quality Accessories

Electrostatic filters which can filter out particulates down to .1 micron are available for your central ducted systems. Ask about our broad ban Ultra-violet filters for central systems which sterilize dust mites, kill mold, fungus, bacteria and viruses.


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